Tears and Tissue (terramarie) wrote,
Tears and Tissue

esteban sucks

so here is the deal, i will write about it on here because he is being a jerk! apparently esteban got mad at me for pointing out that he was eating animal lard in one of his photos on his livejournal, went crazy, decided to delete me from his friends list, and started to attack me, because he is a fake vegitarian. i mean come on esteban, we all know that you do shit to me trendy and get attention, but why are you attacking me? so i am taking the liberty to remove him from my friends list and all that good stuff, because quite frankly, i am sick of him attacking me all the time because he is moody, irrational, immature, a petifile, trendy, and gets mad at people for ACTUALLY BEING THEMSELFS.

ha! oh did i mention he deleted my posts because he didnt want people to be aware of his non vegitarianess? some people cant take honisty. he deleted everything, but left his snide remarks.

esteban you are as fake as vegans who pull cheese off pizza, eat veggie slices, and morningstar farms. why dont you go eat some jello or dorritos while you are at it.
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