Tears and Tissue (terramarie) wrote,
Tears and Tissue

terra and rachelle's thoughs on madonna aka ester

From: ohhhbondage@hotmail.com (Terra)
To: sluts mcgee <ihateyourpets@yahoo.com> (Rachelle)

oh yes it was very sad to see her slutty ass go. brian and i went to see her in concert and i must say i was quite disapointed... there were fucking hebrew symbols flashing behind the screen all the time and she was all about her jewishness. if i had a metal swastika, i would have throw it at her. i beleave the new madonna (ester) could be an imposter, or perhaps she had to much electric shock treatment?

>From: sluts mcgee <ihateyourpets@yahoo.com> (Rachelle)
>To: ohhhbondage@hotmail.com (Terra)
>Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 19:44:33 -0700 (PDT)
>after some in depth research i have undoubtedly confirmed that yes, the artist formerly known as madonna is now a self proffesed jew named esther. what a sad state of affairs. things have only continued to go downhill from the eighties im afraid, the life and times of madonna just one small slice of the bullshit pie we call civilization. i dont think i can continue this charade any longer. goodbye forever.
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